Senior Softball Virtual Food Drive

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Join us in an effort to stop hunger in the city of Milwaukee and throughout Eastern Wisconsin this summer. As softball players most of our lives we’re accustomed to stepping up to the plate and meeting a challenge. We’re asking you now to do the same as a concerned and caring human being in the fight against hunger. Your contribution is tax-deductible and Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin will provide receipt of your donation. In addition, any money you donate will be added to a running total of contributions that will be used to solicit matching funds from various organizations and corporations in the SE Wisconsin area. It is certainly true that We’re Never Too Old To Play and we most certainly are Never To Old Serve. Your donation is needed now more than ever–won’t you join us?

Canned Chicken
12 ct- 1 oz can of canned chicken

Price: $14.00

Peanut Butter
12 ct - 18 oz. jar of peanut butter

Price: $24.00

Pasta Sauce
12 ct - 1 jar or can of pasta sauce

Price: $8.00

Pancake Mix
12 ct- 1 package of pancake mix

Price: $10.00

Ground Turkey
12 ct- 1 lb package of ground turkey

Price: $13.00

Dried Beans
12 ct- 1 lb package of dried beans

Price: $10.00

12 ct- 1 lb package of spaghetti

Price: $6.00

12 ct – 1 lb bag of white or brown rice

Price: $6.00

A General Donation

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Canned Tuna
12 ct - 5 oz can of tuna

Price: $9.00

Shelf Stable Vegetables
12 ct - shelf stable vegetables

Price: $9.00

Shelf Stable Fruits
12 ct - shelf stable fruits

Price: $11.00

12 ct - 20 oz box of cereal

Price: $17.00